10 children & 3 adults receive eye checks, 8 children have dental checks at Developmental Outreach Day

During June, we had our Aboriginal Early Childhood Developmental Outreach Day running alongside playgroup offering a safe space for parents and carers to access these services. Unfortunately hearing cancelled the day before due to illness but that’s okay because children still got to have their dental and eye checks! Brien Holden Foundation Brien Holden Foundation completed eye checks on 10 children and 3 adults, and 8 children received dental checks.

Thank you to the amazing dentists Jenny and Thi who were amazing during the children’s dental checks. After their check up, each child received a little goody bag with a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and a little toy to take home with them. This is great as it exciting for the children and makes them look forward to getting their teeth checked. Lillie Jane was so excited to meet the dentist s and to get her teeth checked.

Thomas had his teeth done and even knew where to put the mirror so he could see his teeth during the appointment. It is so important that we create a great experience for the children so they are encouraged to attend in the future.

Lidva and Naomi from Lifestart attended to support families with the NDIS and general questions. They were amazing connecting with the families who attended the day. NCNS Early Childhood workers cooked up some delicious hot dogs, wholefruits, cut up some watermelon, some yoghurt with 2 fruits and lots of other yummy food.

Early intervention screening is a vital service for young children that can help to identify any health, developmental or other problems that may affect their growth, learning and development. .Once a problem has been detected, children can be linked to specialised services and receive the support they need before they go to school.

We provide many activities and services including Aboriginal Supported Playgroup at our Koolyangarra Aboriginal Child & Family Centre, to contact this centre, please call 02 4706 0280.

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